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Types of kiosks

PROMENA offers Touch screen kiosks installations and on-site computer maintenance services to businesses and individuals across India
Advertising kiosk

Advertising kiosks

Advertise with PROMENA to amplify your message and reach out to a large customer base. Choose from multiple ad spaces that give your brand the attention it deserves.

Android based kiosk

Andriod based kiosks

Android kiosks Mode by PROMENA. Lock down any device into One or Multi-App kiosks Mode. Lock down any Corporate-owned Tablet or Smartphone into Single or Multi-App kiosks Mode.

Banking Bill-Payment-kiosk

Banking / Bill Payment kiosks

We Developed an kiosks & Application to collect Electricity Bill Payments for Madhya Pradesh Electricity Department.
Technology Implemented:- Microsoft WPF Framework, MS SQL Server 2018

QuEST : Feedback kiosks & App

QuEST : Feedback kiosks & App

lets business owners ask specific questions of and solicit feedback in customizable categories (such as, ideas, bug reports or general comments).
Front end: Microsoft WPF Application & Database: MS SQL Server

                                                Management kiosk

Visitor Management kiosks

Self-serviced Visitor Check-in App, highly customized to support all your needs. Cloud based, 3-seconds check-in. Delight Your Visitors.

Wayfinding kiosks

Wayfinding kiosks

Wayfinding is utilized in many different environments to help users navigate unfamiliar surroundings.

kiosks are self-service platforms that offers its users the convenience to perform a host of tasks at their own pace. kiosks applications are used in variety of businesses from different industries where the primary objective is to provide customers with an interactive, user-friendly digital interface to carry out a range of tasks.

Promena leverages its development team’s vast experience to build niche kiosks solutions for customers from an array of industries. Promena engages in the development of kiosks systems with functions that are unique to each market place and end-user base. The kiosks application development team also caters to the customization and personalization needs of businesses that are looking to enhance customer experience and simplify user experience.

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